Ruike New Energy

Research and Development Team at Ruike


After years of independent research and development led by the R&D team in the United States, Ruike has developed the core technology for rapid coating equipment, superior product stability and high conversion efficiency, as well as the efficient and stable manufacturing process of CdTe PV modules. Ruike has built a 100MW CdTe module production line in early 2018, which filled the gap in the development and application of the technology of CdTe PV modules in China.

Cutting-Edge Technology

The conversion rate of Ruike's CdTe PV modules ranks No1 in China and is also one of the highest in the world. The R&D team in US lab has recorded 19%+ cell efficiency certified by third parties.

Capability in R&D of Core Equipment

Our R&D team developed our own proprietary key thin film deposition   equipment, among which GVD coater is the first of this kind in China,

filling the technology gap.

World-Class R&D Platform and Resources

Our R&D center is located in Silicon Valley in the United States, where

photovoltaic experts from all over the world gather together. Our US R&D

center provides unique advantages in terms of technical talents, state-of-the-art equipment, and advanced technology, which make sure the sustainable  development of the company.

Forward-Looking Smart Energy Strategy

With wind, light, storage and grid industrial resources from parent     company Mingyang Smart Energy, Ruike is exploring the possibility   to integrate wind farm, solar farm, energy storage, power generation, power transmission and energy sales together, trying to develop a    new business model with the integration of industry and finance. We are reshaping the traditional industry in many ways including finance, development, operation and transaction to build a unique Mingyang model that cannot be easily duplicated.